Biden Offers Maui Fire Survivors 'One-Time' Pittance on Same Day $200 Million Announced for Ukraine

Biden Offers Maui Fire Survivors 'One-Time' Pittance on Same Day $200 Million Announced for Ukraine

If Republicans are actually serious about overthrowing President Joe Biden in the 2024 general election, perhaps they should spend less time bickering among themselves and spend more time paying attention to the octogenarian-in-chief himself, because he’s doing a bang-up job writing the GOP sales pitch for them.

While some may (rightfully) feel that both Joe and Hunter Biden should be behind bars in the event that these damning bribery allegations turn out to be true, that still involves putting trust into this particular iteration of the Department of Justice.

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Fret not though, because Biden just served up another piping hot reason not to vote for him — and this one won’t hinge on U.S. Attorney David Weiss.

No, this one simply requires a working set of eyes and a general understanding of how time works.

On Monday, Biden announced assistance to the people in Hawaii afflicted by the tragic Maui wildfires, as well as more aid to Ukraine.

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One group is getting individual “one-time” payouts of a whopping $700.

Another group is getting $200 million.

Guess which is getting which?

In a Monday news release, the Department of Defense announced that it was sending another $200 million in aid to Ukraine.

The money appears to be earmarked strictly for military use, as the release lists out where that money will be going. Here are just a few examples, straight from them:

  • “Tube-Launched, Optically-Tracked, Wire-Guided (TOW) missiles”
  • “Javelin and other anti-armor systems and rockets”
  • “Over 12 million rounds of small arms ammunition and grenades”

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Conversely, Biden took to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, to announce a different round of aid, this time for the citizens of Hawaii. Of note, the death toll as of this writing sits at 96, per The Associated Press, but it is expected to rise as recovery efforts continue.

Here is Biden’s announcement:

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After noting that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) would do what it could for those displaced, he announced further aid that would go directly into the pockets of the Maui survivors:

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