Hunter Biden's daughter represented Peru while living in the White House

International relations seem to run in the family.

Hunter Biden’s eldest daughter Naomi worked as a lawyer on behalf of the government of Peru around the same time she was living at the White House with her granddad, President Joe Biden, a review of public records shows.

Naomi Biden, 29, joined the Washington DC-based law firm Arnold & Porter in January 2021 — the same month Joe Biden was sworn in as the nation’s 46th president.

She had previously been a Summer associate at the firm in 2019.

In September 2021 she appeared in a filing disclosing that she was providing legal representation for the government of Peru in a case brought by Worth Capital Holdings 27 LLC, which claimed the country was interfering in their operation of an oil refinery in the southern Amazon.

The company sought $590 million in damages.

The case is still ongoing and Naomi Biden’s specific role is unclear.

Naomi Biden and her husband Peter Neal spent months living at the White House while she actively represented a foreign nation.
Biden joined the Washington DC-based law firm Arnold & Porter in January 2021, the same month Joe Biden was sworn in as the nation’s 46th president as she was previously a Summer associate at the firm in 2019.
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Foreign litigation is a specialization of Arnold & Porter, whose offices are less than one mile from the White House.

Firm litigants have successfully defended dozens of sovereign states including Hungary, Bulgaria, and Venezuela.

It’s unclear how many other foreign nations Naomi Biden has repped while working there.

Her current title at the firm is “international arbitration associate,” according to her LinkedIn.

Despite joining the firm more than three years ago, Arnold & Porter apparently has gone to great lengths to shield the Biden scion from public scrutiny.

Unlike other firm attorneys, she does not have a public lawyer page and her name appears on a few filings.

Her father, however, has faced years of legal scrutiny for using his family name to cash in on millions of dollars from China, Ukraine, and other nations.

His father, President Biden, is facing an impeachment inquiry from House Republicans over false claims that he had no involvement in his son’s overseas business dealings.

“Everywhere we look it seems there are major conflicts of interest in which the Biden family leveraged their name, access, and patriarch’s power to benefit personal business dealings. All of this must continue to be investigated and exposed – perhaps Biden’s granddaughter should be the next person to come before the Oversight Committee,” Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-Staten Island) told The Post.

Cliff Sims, a senior White House aide to former President Trump, wondered if “there a foreign interest on the planet — friend or foe — that the Biden family hasn’t represented.”

Naomi Biden and her husband Peter Neal spent months living at the White House while she actively represented a foreign nation.

In November 2022, Naomi Biden married another up-and-coming attorney, Peter Neal, at a ceremony at the White House.

The Biden granddaughter lived at the first residence from August 2022 to March 2023. A rep for Naomi Biden insisted she only worked on the case for “three weeks” in September 2021 — and not while living at the White House. 

They declined to say why she was taken off the case, and only offered this explanation after publication. 

“Naomi Biden’s international arbitration work doesn’t include matters involving the United States government — she is a junior lawyer and a member of international arbitration teams involving private sector plaintiffs. She doesn’t discuss confidential client work with anyone inside or outside the White House,” a spokesman for Arnold & Porter told The Post.

The law firm refused to say whether Naomi Biden had represented any other foreign nations since joining.

Arnold & Porter insisted that Naomi Biden never discussed firm business with the president.
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The firstborn of Hunter Biden and his first wife Kathleen Buhle, Naomi Biden grew up in Washington D.C. with the trappings, privileges, and power that came with her pedigree.

Fresh out of the capital’s elite Sidwell Friends School in the Summer of 2011 — while her grandfather was vice president — she landed a plum gig as a Senate page for then-Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid.

When Naomi Biden went on to Columbia Law School, Hunter Biden attempted to deduct her tuition, according to IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler.

When Hunter Biden visited Monaco in 2016 for a meeting of the board of Burisma, the shady Ukrainian energy company that had Hunter on its payroll, Naomi came along — in part to celebrate her recent graduation from the University of Pennsylvania.

Photo and video from the event show Naomi Biden posing with Burisma CEO Mykola Zlochevsky and chatting up his daughter Karina Zlochevsky.

“She is very excited to join us. Maybe we can find her a job now that she’s graduating college,” Hunter Biden told Vadym Pozharsky, the company’s chief financial officer, according to emails from his abandoned laptop.

When Naomi Biden was a student at the University of Pennsylvania, professors urged her to cash in on her name in China.

“Don’t be shy,” Hunter Biden advised her of the idea, according to messages contained on his abandoned laptop

Both Ziegler and fellow agency whistleblower Gary Shapley said they had wanted to interview Naomi Biden, but were prevented from doing so by the Department of Justice.

“[Delaware Assistant US Attorney] Lesley Wolf told us it will get us into hot water if we interview the president’s grandchildren,” Ziegler said in testimony to the House Ways and Means Committee in July.

Naomi Biden posing with Karina Zlochevsky, the daughter of Burisma CEO Mykola Zlochevsky.
Naomi Biden posing with Burisma CEO Mykola Zlochevsky and his daughter Karina Zlochevsky.

Reps for the White House did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

A Democratic strategist close to Team Biden insisted the matter was much ado about nothing.



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