NEW POLL: Whopping 72 Percent of Americans Believe Biden is Not ‘Physically Healthy Enough’ to Be President

According to a new CBS poll released on Sunday, 72 percent of Americans believe President Joe Biden is not “physically healthy” enough to be president for four more years.

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The poll showed that Biden is losing to former President Donald Trump by one point, well within the 2.1 percent margin of error, in a head-to-head matchup. However, Biden, despite being two years older than Trump, is also losing to the Republican frontrunner when it comes voters feel about their mental and physical health.

When asked who is “physically healthy enough to be president,” 43 percent of voters in the poll said “only Donald Trump” while 29 percent of recipients said neither. Moreover, only 16 percent agreed that “only Biden” was competent to serve.

Regarding mental and cognitive health, 44 percent of said only Trump is mentally fit to serve the office. Meanwhile, 23 percent said neither man is fit to serve. Twenty-six percent said only Biden is sufficiently fit.

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Since he started running for office, a lasting GOP criticism has been Biden’s mental and cognitive health as he is the oldest president to ever serve in the Oval Office. Republicans and some Democratic pundits have also called on Biden to not run for office due to his cognitive health.

Despite facing four criminal indictments in four different jurisdictions, Trump’s polling has increased over Biden in the last few months. According to the Real Clear Politics national average, Trump has a slight lead over Biden at 0.6 percent.

The CBS News/YouGov Survey was conducted with between September 12-15 with a national sample of 4,002 U.S. adults. The poll was reportedly weighted by age, race, and education.

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