Chris Plante On Air Stories 3/18


Hillary Clinton, Lin-Manuel Miranda team up on Broadway fundraiser for Biden: Report | The Hill

President Biden promotes top staffers involved in mishandling classified documents

FOX NEWS: Vice President Harris should 'step aside' for good of the country, Washington Post columnist says

Behind the scenes, Biden has grown angry and anxious about re-election effort

Is Biden to blame for Iran’s rising oil sales and Hamas attack? - The Washington Post

Did Biden Secretly Fly 320K Unvetted Migrants to American Airports in 2023? |

Fact Check: The Truth Behind Biden Once Saying, 'If Haiti Quietly Sunk Into Caribbean' It Wouldn't Matter to US Interests

Biden Asks White House Crowd to Clap For Him

Former NPR Host Asks Whether Journalists Can ‘Believe in Democracy Without Being Pro-Biden’

Biden jokes Last Year 2023 he's 'really not Irish' because sober, family not 'in jail'

‘You’re Not Voting For A Democrat’: Former RNC Chair Michael Steele Tells Republicans Voting Biden Is ‘Voting For Your Country’

Supreme Court To Consider Biden Admin Censorship Efforts In Historic Free Speech Case | The Daily Caller

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Reaction to Trump's speech: When is ‘a bloodbath’ not a bloodbath? - POLITICO

Biden campaign says Trump ‘wants another January 6’ after Ohio ‘bloodbath’ prediction | The Independent

New Yorker Writer Goes OFF in ABC Debate On Trump ‘Bloodbath’ Remark: We’re ‘Inured’ to His ‘Threatening’ Rhetoric

Joe Scarborough Deletes Trump ‘Bloodbath’ Post After Reply From Elon Musk | The Daily Caller

joe scarborough
elon musk

Joe Scarborough Calls 'Bullsh*t' on Trump Bloodbath Comments

kenoake the great

The Odor of Mendacity: 2024 Could Turn on Smell of Selective Prosecution from Georgia to New York – JONATHAN TURLEY

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Israel faces crisis of its own making as chaos and hunger engulf Gaza - The Washington Post

FOX NEWS: US frees up billions in sanctions relief to Iran as Tehran proxies wreak havoc in region

U.S. Patience with Netanyahu is Running Out | TIME

Is Biden to blame for Iran’s rising oil sales and Hamas attack? - The Washington Post

80 Arrested During Israeli Army Raid on Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital

WATCH: CNN’s Dana Bash Relentlessly Grills Netanyahu in Fiery Battle, Repeatedly Asks if He’ll Commit to Holding New Elections in Israel


WATCH: Dozens of migrants breach border wall, take selfies on US side as mass illegal crossings continue

Migrant accused of police officer's death released after case dismissed | Fox News

Did Biden Secretly Fly 320K Unvetted Migrants to American Airports in 2023? |

Illegal migrant from Lebanon admitted terror ties

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FOX NEWS: AOC district neighborhood labeled 'Third World' as migrants clog streets and prostitutes overrun every block

Trash reportedly 'overflowing', prostitutes running free in AOC's 'third world' district

AOC faces primary challenge from unknown Wall Street investor Marty Dolan, who says her ‘radical policies’ are on the ballot


Two killed, five others shot near 7th and P streets NW

NEW YORK POST: With rampant shoplifting, progressives are killing stores where people need them most

crime stories

MOTHER JONES: The Crumbleys Have Been Convicted. Black Parents Will Likely Pay a Price, Too


Cherry Blossoms Are Coming Earlier Because of Climate Change | TIME


Do people swear more now? Curse words are currently in the middle of a big shift. - Vox

Lyft and Uber to cease operations in Minneapolis after new minimum wage law | CNN Business

Aussie Psychedelic Festival-Goers Hit by Contagious Fecal-Oral Bacterial Disease


Niger's junta revokes military agreement with US

The Supreme Court must protect the First Amendment in Murthy v. Missouri - Washington Examiner

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