Rep. Comer Suspects ‘At Least 12’ Biden Family Members Were Involved With Foreign Business Dealings

Rep. Comer Suspects ‘At Least 12’ Biden Family Members Were Involved With Foreign Business Dealings

Republican Kentucky Rep. James Comer, Chair of the House Oversight Committee, suspects “at least 12” Biden family members were doing business overseas.

Comer appeared on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo” to go through the Oversight Committee’s findings on the Biden family’s foreign business dealings. (RELATED: REPORT: Federal Prosecutors Weighing Four Charges Against Hunter Biden)

“So they were trying to make it look like the numbers were lower because they were disbursing money to other family members. How many family members were involved,?” Bartiromo asked.

“Well, right now we have nine, but I believe in the end the number will be at least 12. I mean, this was the Biden family influence peddling scheme. And, you know, when people say, well, they were involved in ventures around the world, I haven’t found a legitimate business on the Biden end, Maria. I’ve found legitimate businesses that were paying the LLCs that were then turning around and laundering the money back to the Bidens, but I haven’t found any legitimate business dealings on the Biden end,” Comer responded.

“It looks like if there was a legitimate business dealing in any of these LLCs, it was influence peddling. And if you want to get technical and you want to get to a legal term, that’s called being a foreign agent. They weren’t registered as a foreign agent and I’m sure the ethics laws would prevent immediate family members of high ranking government officials from being foreign agents. Either way this is bad. There are more laws that appear to me that have been broken than just tax evasion, and there are a lot more Bidens involved than just the president’s son and his brother,” Comer continued.

Federal prosecutors are reportedly considering charges against Hunter Biden, the president’s son, related to tax evasion and gun possession. The House Oversight Committee’s investigators have focused on Hunter’s involvement with Ukrainian and Chinese business entities. Payments between multiple Biden family members and business associate Rob Walker were disclosed by the committee in March. Walker provided the payments shortly after he was wired $3 million from a Chinese energy company.



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