What People Are Saying About Donald Trump's $354 Million Bond

We support Donald Trump! We are furious about the $354 million bond and unjust judgement against him. The Left's comments about his inability to receive financing for the bond are absurd. Fortunately, many on the Right have set them straight!

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Here's the Grant Cardone post with information about the Gofundme link and where you can contribute to Trump's bond.
grant cardone
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I am, well use to be an independent voter. Not anymore I now am a Republican 100% and more than that I’m a MAGA REPUBLICAN. It’s the best deal going in our government now. We could keep Biden for 4 more years but I don’t think the country will last. The reason I switched parties is because of the way the democrats have gone and charged Trump with BS legal issues. No victims and 91 felonies nope I don’t want to be part of that. I will vote Republican for the rest of my life.

Mark Testa

As I remember, GoFundMe was the website that took the funds gathered for the Canadian Truckers a few years ago. They did not pass that money on to the intended recipient.


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